Providing Onsite Technology Services since 1996

Dateline 1996 – The Internet was just taking hold and becoming accessible to the consumer. This started lowering the costs of personal computers (PC’s) and provided a driving “need” to own a PC. This exciting time in technology presented the birth of PC Housecalls. PC’s were not as reliable as they are today, and there was a strong need for quality service and repair, especially going onsite to customer’s homes. Enter PC Housecalls – Indianapolis’ first onsite computer service and repair company that offered service 24 hours/day – 365 days per year.

Technology has drastically changed in the last 16 years, and PC Housecalls has kept up with the advances, continuing to offer first class service and support to its customers. As our customers’ needs have changed, so have we. Although PC Housecalls is still around, and we still continue to do “Housecalls”, we have emerged into two separate entities; Corporate Network Services, (CNS) – where our focus is helping small & medium sized businesses lower their Technology costs, and The TechStop Corp – our cost effective, upscale carry-in computer service centers, where residential and business customers alike can bring their computers in for service and repair, rather than having a technician come out onsite.

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